• Maintenance Technician

    What is a Maintenance Technician?

    A maintenance technician is a person who is responsible for a highly diversified portfolio of maintenance activities. Maintenance technicians use their skills and knowledge to ensure that a variety of equipment works in accordance with safety guidelines and production specifications.

    Telecom and IT companies need maintenance technicians who can service equipment on cell towers and other networks assets. Tasks include maintaining access checkpoints, ensuring network connections, measuring the performance of hardware, and adhering to client specifications.

    Maintenance Technician

    Responsibilities of a Maintenance Technician

    The responsibilities of a maintenance technician vary considerably from one job to another. The primary roles of a technician include the following:


    Checking access points

    Conducting feasibilities studies

    Fixing hybrid fiber coaxial issues

    Fixing IP issues

    Recording completed tasks

    Responding to a company’s emergency requirements

    Making small repairs and adjustments as required by specifications

    Verifying that telecom and IT assets are in good working condition

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